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About company

We are customer oriented company with years of experience in area of room sound management and High End products distribution in Slovak Republic.

Our main objectives

  • distribution of High End audio electronics former Worldwide well known brands;
  • presentation of High End autio electronics in ours listening rooms;
  • end-user assembly and installation support;
  • customer support and advisory;

Our recomendations

Accustic Arts NEW! STREAMER ES


The STREAMER ES with its extensive features is an audiophile high-end network player conceived for HD audio. The STREAMER ES can be used as a UPnP media player, has an internet radio function and also plays back music tracks from a USB flash drive.
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Marten Coltrane Supreme 2

Marten Coltrane Marten Coltrane Marten Coltrane

Our goal was simple.
To design the best speaker in the world.

To create the ultimate speaker, we needed an absolute reference point. We recorded our own album, ‘Supreme Sessions.’ The result? With eyes closed, the playback of the recording is identical to the live performance. The live feeling of the music, played by the musicians at the point of the recording, is reproduced in every detail.

Simply, the Coltrane Supreme 2 has a sound quality so genuine that distinguishing between recorded music and reality is not possible. High Fidelity in its essence.
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Diapason Ástera

Diapason Ástera Diapason Ástera Diapason Ástera

The multi-faceted diamond shape of the Ástera was designed to provide a circular pattern of sound-wave emission from the loudspeaker, thus giving a close approximation to the theoretical ideal of point-source radiation.

The benefits will be appreciated during listening as the loudspeakers themselves `disappear` from the musical scene, providing the listener with a sensation of great detail and realism within a solid and convincing soundstage.

The same multi-faceted shape is also found inside the cabinet. This gives very effective control of internal reflections, while the use of wood of...
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New website

We made for you a new pages with reviewed content. Now you can have simple access to wide portfolio of HiFi and High-End brands we sell.

Listening rooms

Our listening rooms are at disposal for you. But be advised a reservation is required before your visit. Contact information you can find in contact section of this page.

Posluchové miestnosti

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