Accustic Arts®

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Accustic Arts®
Rok založenia: 1997
Oblasť pôsobenia: Nemecko

ACCUSTIC ARTS offers a comprehensive range of high-end products. From loudspeakers to electronics and accessories, all is available from one source, while the range is constantly being perfected. ACCUSTIC ARTS products captivate

through their natural sound reproduction and high output potential. The timeless, perfectly-shaped design is easy to integrate in every living environment. These fine music components are the result of thorough research and development work, use of best quality elements and the most careful handmade production at the facilities in Germany. The ultimate musical enjoyment is expressed through clarity, dynamics and depth of detail in the acoustic pattern.

SAE does not produce in mass production, but each individual ACCUSTIC ARTS unit is handmade with the utmost care and attention to detail, in the well-known meticulous way associated with German craftsmanship all over the world. This is the only way SAE can meet the high quality standards set by themselves. ACCUSTIC ARTS units are designed to meet the needs of the future, and so can easily be adapted to further developments of the products. Innovation and diversification are important principles for the ACCUSTIC ARTS product philosophy.

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