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Rok založenia: 2009
Oblasť pôsobenia: Celosvetovo

Chinese emigré educated in America. In-demand member of the Paris diamond exchange and its first supplier of diamond jewelry to the Carrefour Group. Guitar session player with instruments of his own design. Expert of precious metal alloys and their acoustical properties. Dark horse of audio whose acoustic resonators at first met applause and ridicule in equal measure. Applause came from highly satisfied customers; ridicule from those who refused to attend his demonstrations but invoked existing theories to 'prove' how these devices couldn't possibly work as claimed...

Aesthetix ASI Aton Bel Canto DH Labs Silver Sonic Diapason DVDO Highland audio JL Audio Lumene Mit Norstone Design Opera loudspeakers Oppo Pathos PS Audio Rega Sunfire Triangle Unison Research Viablue Vibrapod Vicoustic VPI