Bob Carver

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Bob Carver
Rok založenia: 1970
Oblasť pôsobenia: Kentucky, USA

The design and manufacturing of vacuum tube amplifiers and radios started here in the United States in the early 20th century. Most of these products are still serviceable today because they were hand built using point-to-point wiring. We are continuing this tradition of making hand wired tube amplifier because they sound great and will last a long time. American-made amplifiers are still perceived as the best in the world, andevery single Bob Carver LLC amplifier is produced in our shop in Lexington, KY.

Bob Carver is an iconic American Inventor, developing design concepts through product engineering and into manufacturing for over 50 years. Bob designed and built his first amplifier in 1960, and now 5 decades later he is still designing the finest audio reproduction equipment in the world. No other individual alive today has spent as many years designing amplifiers as Bob has. He knows how to make them look good, sound good and most importantly - be reliable.

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