DH Labs Silver Sonic

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DH Labs Silver Sonic

Rok založenia:
Oblasť pôsobenia: Florida, USA

SILVER SONIC high performance audio cables were designed to provide the highest level of sound quality possible. By combining the finest materials available in electrically efficient, noise canceling geometries, Silver Sonic cables are the most transparent way of carrying musical signals between audio components. Manufactured in the USA, SILVER SONIC audio cables utilize a synergistic combination of silver and oxygen free copper conductors, advanced dielectrics, and vibration damping materials for superior performance.

Whether you are and audiophile who simply loves music, one of the world's finest recording/mastering studio's, or an engineer looking to place a highly specialized cable under 1200 feet of water on the Atlantic Ocean floor, DH Labs is where your search for quality and performance ends. We are the OEM cable manufacturer of choice for many others in the industry, and well as the supplier of internal wiring for no less than 25 speaker and component manufacturers worldwide. 

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