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Unison Research

Rok založenia: 1987
Oblasť pôsobenia: Taliansko

Unison Research for more than 20 years has been admire and appreciate around the world. From very beginning our purpose has always been to provide enjoyment throught listening to music. To that deceptively simple goal we bring a lifetime of experience in both valve and hybrid electronics design - and a genuine passion for making equipment that will give lasting pleasure.

Unison Research was founded in 1987 by a small group of audiophile enthusiasts led by Giovanni Maria Sacchetti. G.M. Sacchetti was born in 1945 and inherited from his father – an accomplished pianist – both an understanding and passion for music. From a very early age he began to experiment with making amplifiers, which of course in those pre-transistor days were all valve-powered. After completing a degree course in electronics he dedicated himself to teaching for 25 years, whilst at the same time developing and designing all the products for Unison Research. Among the first products to wear the Unison Research badge were the GLOWY, a preamplifier using 5 twin-triodes in an all-valve circuit with both line and phono, and the RULER, a fully solid-state amplifier of 80 watts output per channel. These were followed by the NIMBLY, an all-valve power amplifier using KT88s in push-pull which was switchable between triode and pentode operation to give 25 watts or 50 watts according to the mode selected.

The constant search for improvements to sound quality led Unison Research to more profound investigation and experimentation into integrated amplifiers; not because integrated amplifiers are either easier or less expensive to produce but because integration can give real benefits by optimising the interface between pre and power stages, and also by eliminating interconnecting cables which, as well as adding cost, introduce (even in the case of the best cables) some degradation to the sound.

The first integrated amplifier from Unison Research was the TRIODE 20, using two pairs of push-pull EL34s in class-AB. An important page the company`s history was written with the introduction of the SIMPLY-TWO. As is well-known, this amplifier marked the beginning of a long series of projects based around the single-ended class-A output stage.

The SIMPLY TWO with its 12 watts per channel enjoyed enormous success; within the space of less than 4 years around 10,000 units were produced and sold throughout the world, most notably in Japan and other Far-Eastern markets. The SIMPLY TWO became a renowned audio product and gained accolades and prizes throughout the world. The larger SIMPLY FOUR belongs to the same family, using twin pairs of parallel EL34s in the output stage to give 24 watts, twice the power of the Simply Two. A triode-coupled version of the SIMPLY FOUR was also produced, also using EL34 valves in the output stage.

The 845 valve, first used more than 50 years ago, has been succesfully employed in some of our most important models. We can say with pride that the present-day popularity of this valve is largely due to Unison Research, as we were the first to champion its use in modern pure triode valve amplifiers. Several of our more recent amplifiers have been designed to incorporate the 845; some are monoblocks, some are stereo intgrated amplifiers and some are switchable stereo/dual mono designs.

Audiophiles will recall the SMART 845, the SIMPLY 845 and the ABSOLUTE 845; this latter model is still in production and is widely considered to be a point of reference for its electronic concept as much as for the sound quality it is capable of providing. The ABSOLUTE has been the recipient of awards and accolades across the globe.

A complete list of all the products made by Unison Research over the years would be very long Indeed. A few of them being the SIMPLY 35, the POWER 35, the FEATHER ONE, and the two preamplifiers MYSTERY ONE and MYSTERY TWO, as well as the phono amplifiers SIMPLY PHONO and PHONO ONE.

In 1998, in order to give new impetus and direction to Unison Research, a change in the company structure took place with A.R.I.A. Advanced Research In Audio srl being formed to act as parent company to the Unison Research brand. Three new partners joined the new board, each with a specialist skill and function, but the new product design and overall direction of company remains firmly in the capable hands of G.M. Sacchetti. The change not only safeguarded the integrity of the brand but ensured that the ideals on which Unison Research was founded have been maintained and strengthened upon. The first tangible results of this reorganisation are to be seen and heard with a number of new and exciting models to the Unison Research catalogue: the S2 (an improved and modernised version of the SIMPLY TWO); the S8 – a development of the SIMPLY 845 (being more refined and compact than its predecessor) and the 35 Watts per channel integrated amplifier the S6, which uses an unusual triple-parallel single-ended configuration and has excellent driving ability with a detailed and generous sound. The P30K is a stereo/mono power amplifier using four KT88 tubes, and with its matching line and phono preamplifier C5P gives great flexibility of use and enough power to drive the most demanding loudspeakers. But perhaps the most significant new development in these past four years has been the renewal of our work on solid-state designs, which has borne fruit with the launch recently of a series of products destined both for high quality two-channel stereo and Home Theatre use.

In the year 2000 Giovanni Nasta became the Managing Directorof U.R. and brought his business experience and some fresh ideas to the company, such as the introduction of engineers such as Professor Leopoldo Rossetto – a lecturer at the prestigious Padua university.
Along with Giovanni Nasta and Giovanni Sachetti, Leopoldo Rossetto conceived and designed the ‘hybrid’ valve /solid state circuits that opened the door for a whole new line of electronics.

In order to realise the vast theoretical potential of hyrid designs, in terms of sound quality, power output and long term reliability, Unison has forged an ongoing research and development relationship the University of Padua. This project, headed by Profesor Leopoldo Rossetto, has already given birth to a number of successful products: the first of these being the SR1, a hybrid integrated amplifier of 80 Watts per channel, followed by the renowned UNICO series. This series consists of the UNICO P (valve/mosfet hybrid) 60 Watts per channel integrated amplifier, the slightly more powerful UNICO I (solid-state 100 Watts integrated), the UNICO Secondo integrated amplifier, the UNICO DM (dual-mono hybrid power amplifier, 150 watts stereo/bridgeable 500 watts mono) and the UNICO PRE, also a hybrid design with balanced and unbalanced inputs and phonoMM/MC stage incorporated.

A further model is the UNICO TEATRO, an 8-channel power amplifier of valve and solid state design giving 90 watts per channel (each pair of channels bridgeable to give over 300 watts). And finally we have the first audio source products created by Unison – the UNICO CD, a 24bit/96kHz compact disc player with valve output stage, and UNICO CD-P.

All hybrid and solid state models have complementary-pair mosfet output stages, electronic protection against overload and short-circuit (by-passable if required) and are fully auto-biasing and therefore need no adjustment.

No description of Unison Research products would be complete without a mention of their styling and aesthetics, which has made the brand instantly recognisable throughout the world. We firmly believe that any piece of audio equipment should give pleasure not only to the ear but also to the eye. Each of our products therefore has a distinctive styling, characterised by the use of fine materials such as hand crafted wood for the trim pieces, stainless steel and turned aluninium for the control knobs and heat reflector plates. We are contsantly looking at unique materials to incorporate into their designs, such as the local Venetian ‘Murano’ glass used in the new P70 and P40 push-pull valve amplifiers.

Finally, we take great pride in our products and we hope that our customers will in return have many years of listening pleasure from them.

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